Friday, November 18, 2011

San Se spooks

I'm in the process of pulling together a full San Sebastian update, but just had to share this in the meantime....

The apartment we stayed in in San Sebastian was pretty funky - a slightly run down looking art deco building which had been recently renovated inside. It had some really original old features, but appeared mainly modern inside. When I first walked into the room that the Littlest Hobo would be sleeping in I had a slight shivery feeling but brushed it aside and got on with getting it ready for her to sleep in.

The gorgeous view from our spooktacular apartment. 

The first 4 nights were okay, but last night was interesting... She woke up at 3am and was sobbing when I got to her, I assumed it was because I'd taken a while to get to her, cajoled her along, took her to the loo then got her back into bed and persuaded her back to sleep. 20 minutes later there was an almighty scream followed by sobbing and cries for mummy. she clung to me the moment I got there, and wasn't keen to let go. I lay down next to her and resigned myself to be there for a while. A few minutes later Mr Traveller appeared in the room too, offering to swap rooms, but I sent him back to bed and said I'd be fine. he lingered a while longer than I would expect then disappeared off back to bed. I untangled myself from the Littlest Hobo's arms and jumped into the other bed in her room. Then she started saying, over and over, 'ít's okay, it was just a person, don't worry, it was just a man'. Suddenly the shivers that I'd had when we first arrived started up again. I told her it was just a dream and to go to sleep, all the while silently asking my Gran to protect us!

We fell asleep, and I woke an hour later to knocking, like someone was at te bedroom door - it was ajar, and clearly nobody was there, but the knocking continued for maybe 20 seconds, then stopped and I eventually dropped back off to sleep.

In the morning, all the Littlest Hobo could talk about was this man. I asked whether he was in her dream or in her room, and she was adamant that he was in her room. She was desperate to get out of the room and shut the door behind us. But she didn't stop talking about the man that had been in her room. When Mr Traveller woke up I started to tell him what had happened, and before I'd got any further than mentioning the screaming when she woke, he told me that he'd come into her room because he'd had a dream about a man who was trying to push his way in through the door, and claiming to be a water inspector. He'd woken up and felt frozen and scared - that was when he came into the Hobo's room. while he was telling me this I had the same blood freezing feeling that I'd had both the night before and when we first arrived.

It was a cool apartment, but I'm mighty glad we're tucked up in the French countryside tonight instead!