Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filling in some of the blanks...

Thought it was about time I added a bit of background info to this blog, so I've just pulled together an about me section:

Charles Fort, Cornwall
After a series of unfortunate events meant that we had to put our 'regular'life on hold, we took the opportunity to fulfil a dream and travel for a year or two.

Myself, my husband, and our 2 year old toddler are spending some time with family in the UK, and seeing a few snippets of Europe on the way, before heading back down to the southern hemisphere in early 2012 when we'll travel Australia and New Zealand in a motor home. We'll also be travelling across the US and Canada in 2012... and who knows where else!

We're Brits who were living in Sydney, Australia immediately prior to our departure in June 2011. We are also Aussie citizens, and our daughter, having been born in Sydney, also holds dual nationality.

We're using our travels as an opportunity to search our souls about where we want to settle after this - England or Australia. With family in both countries and a different set of benefits with each choice, the jury is still out.    

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