Friday, November 4, 2011

I thought it was Saturday when I woke up

...then I got that sinking feeling you get when you realise it's actually Friday, and you've still got another whole day until the weekend.

Then, as I began to shake off that obligatory bleariness that comes with being woken too early by a 2 year old a few days after the clocks have changed, I remembered that it didn't really matter that it was Friday after all. I got up with the Littlest Hobo and set ourselves up in the lounge with a bit of kids telly and my laptop while we waited for true morning to arrive, and Mr Traveller pulled the pillow over his head and drifted back into the land of nod which was fair enough, seeing as it's his turn for a lie in today. And so our day began, in the way that many of our days begin these days.

I spent the day doing washing, taking the car to the tyre place (again...) and going to the supermarket, and Mr Traveller and the Littlest Hobo talked to his mum in Brisbane on the webcam before making profiteroles ready for our friends to come over and go to the local fireworks display tomorrow. We had a nice day, doing nothing extraordinary.

After the upheaval and sadness of the last couple of weeks, it's nice to return to our strange kind of normal. But I do feel like I'm in a slightly weird place at the moment. Before all this happened, I was desperate to get going, wishing the weeks away until we could go somewhere new and getting slightly frustrated with down time, because it meant that time when we could be travelling and making the most of this opportunity was being wasted. Right now, I could give or take our trip down to Spain, and our flights back down to the Southern hemisphere in January seem like something someone else told me they are doing, rather than our plans. We've decided to go to a different area in Spain, so that we can spend less time driving, and more time experiencing the country, and I know nothing about that area - normally I'd be researching like crazy now, trying to work out what I wanted to see, where we should stay etc, but I just gave it a ten minute glance last night, and now I really can't be bothered.

I'm sure that my mind is quite occupied with the upcoming funeral, in fact, as I am typing this I realise that I am probably trying to numb myself down so that I can get up in front of everyone and deliver a eulogy - I want to do it, but it's certainly throwing me a new challenge - although that's probably no bad thing.

But this mornings start to the day, getting up at our own pace, spending time with the Littlest Hobo, having the time to thrill her by involving her in our mundane tasks, and yesterday's visit with friends, Wednesdays trip to Bath, it's all reminding me why I love what we're doing. Right now I'm glad that it was so easy to be here, with my family, when I needed to be, and next week, when the hard bit is over, I will be able to appreciate once again that Mr Traveller has the opportunity to cook to his hearts content (and us to eat!) and I have the chance to write again, and to develop my photography, all while spending more time being a family and enjoying each others company, to run on beaches and splash in puddles, and to see so many things that we've never seen before, or never had the time to stop and really appreciate before, all while the Littlest Hobo is still little.

Enjoying the vast expanses of Newquay beach

This was one of those posts where you start writing something, and somehow you start wandering on the way and it turns into something completely different. I just pointed it in a direction, and let it change route undirected on the way. That is, after all, one of the things we tend to enjoy when we're on an adventure, so I guess I'll just let it be.

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  1. Hey Suzi, you write so beautifully! Looking forward to more stories...David