Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello Singapore!

We arrived safely in Singapore last night, checked into our hotel and went for a wander to get some food. We haven't done much today as we've been battling the jet lag and the littlest hobo has having a hard time with the air con making her cough (and vomit while we were in the restaurant having breakfast, oh yay) so we've been taking it easy, just walking around the area and enjoying the hotel facilities. Here are a few highlights of the day in pictures though:
Wake up... wake up! I'm so happy that you have managed to sleep through the jet lag but it's 7.30am and we're sooo hungry!

There was a really dramatic storm with some huge crashes of thunder and flashes of lightning, so what do I do? Head out on the street with my camera of course!

Bugis junction, all decked out for Chinese New Year
Mandarins are seen as symbols of abundance and good fortune during Chinese New Year, so there are mandarin trees with money envelopes attached to them everywhere, and they look great!
An evening swim in the rain in the rooftop pool after the storm had finally subsided
Just as we were about to leave the rooftop we were treated to a fantastic and unexpected fireworks display - I was caught unaware so the photography is pretty rubbish, but it was a spectacular display, with loads of planet shapes and hearts, and I can't wait to see the Chinese New Year main event now that we've located a perfect viewing spot!

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