Monday, October 10, 2011

England v Australia

Every few days we have the England v Australia vote... just like they did on 'A new life down under' but without the tacky signs to hold up and mostly without the whining pleas from well meaning family members. Where will we live when we've finished travelling. make a snap decision and give a straight answer, where do you feel like today?

In the beginning it was very clear cut; I felt like I'd had Sydney torn from the very depths of my heart without really wanting to wave it goodbye, but my mum had cancer and I just wanted to get 'home'to her. Mr Traveller was well over corporate life, desperate for a change, and couldn't wait to leave behind the every day reminders of what, at that time was the possibility that our little daughter was facing a life threatening illness. My vote was ultimately, all being well down the line, Sydney all the way (I always was rubbish at those one word answers anyway...). And he was very firmly England. A week or two back in the UK and we were wobbling all over the place, Australia, England, Australia, England Australia England, changing our minds eight times a day, agreeing, disagreeing, bribing and compromising. Then we went to Ireland and that became Mr T's new homeland of choice, whereas I'd finished wobbling and as the health of our nearest and dearest began to gently improve, I  accepted that it  may not have to be Sydney, but my heart did still lie in Aussieland. And that's by and large where our votes currently reside on the average day, for this month at least.

Thankfully while we might not be too aligned on the location as yet, at least we're in harmony on the shape that we'd like our lives to take. And for now that's all that matters, because we've still got a whole host of places to visit, lands to fall in love with, and without a doubt circumstances to encounter and overcome. With that in mind it's with absolute certainty that I can say that we'll be changing our minds another thousand times yet.

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