Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Domesticity resumed

We've returned to my parents house for the next few weeks, so that the littlest hobo can spend her second birthday with friends and family and have her medical appointments, Mr Traveller can do his cookery course  and I can come to terms with the fact that I have in fact lost hobo's Aussie passport and apply for the new one. We'll also be enjoying a bit more time with our families and catching up with a few friends that we didn't manage to see in round 1 as well as planning the next leg of our travels down to southern Europe.

The passport is proving challenging... it took me a good 24 hours after returning to my parents and ransacking our belongings to accept that the passport really was lost. Today, defeat accepted, I began the arduous task of sorting the mess out - reporting it lost to the police, reporting it lost to the Australian high commission and finding out the necessary process for getting a new one. Then there was the drama of finding an Aussie passport holder over here, or else someone else who held one of the accepted jobs, who had known us for long enough to act as guarantor. And in the next few days there'll be a trip up to London to actually put the application in. Mental note to self:  take better care of passports in the future.

But I digress, well kind of. While all this is going on Mr Traveller is busying himself wallowing in domesticity,  baking gluten free scones and cleaning the car from all the debris and general muck that it had accumulated during our last three weeks on the road - hopefully it will smell sweet as a daisy again once he's finished, and be ready for us to mess it up again in a few weeks. And I've been ducking back and forth from the laptop and the phone calls making a roast chicken a la Jamie Oliver in a way that I'm never inclined or much enabled when we're staying in holiday accommodation often with the bare minimum of kitchen equipment to hand.

And the littlest hobo, she's helping her dad washing the car, and delighting in having ten plus times more toys than she does when we're on the road and generally enjoying being a home bird. Even the music's taken a turn, having listened to Mika, the Music of Dingle and The Wiggles non-stop for 3 weeks I'm raiding my mum's surprisingly good CD collection and blasting out a few tunes as we go about our day.

For now, for today and the next few, this'll be great. We'll love having the comforts of 'home' and the stability of one place. But give it a few days, a week maybe, and we will be itching to get going again. I'm glad we've dipped our toes in the water now, but it feels a bit wimpy to be reeling back into 'the other life' already, and I can't wait for my next taste of the travelling life.

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