Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lets start in the middle...

...because that's where we are now. And I'm already kicking myself for not having started this sooner, so this is it, my first ever blog post.

It all started when me, him and the littlest hobo were spending our Christmas holidays in New Zealand; driving through some gorgeous scenery, putting the world to rights and generally having a lovely old time when we realised that somehow we'd got so caught up and bogged down in the details of our daily lives and we needed to inject some fun back into the day to day. We lemented over travels gone by, and got over excited, planning a route around the world, wanting it to be a reality, but knowing that it could really be nothing more than a dream.
But here we are, 8 months down the line, and thanks to a set of strange and what most may call unfortunate events, we find ourselves on the other side of the world, 6 weeks into a journey that should last a year or two and take us to a plethora of far and distant lands. And I'm thrilled about it (and a little terrified too, if I'm completely honest).

So, a quick introduction; I'm, thirtysomething British, have been living in Sydney for the last 4 years, and Washington DC for another couple of years before that. I'm married to a gorgeous, clever, witty (he owes me now), slightly further into the thirty-somethings and British guy and together we have a 22 month old fully-Aussie, and becoming mouthier by the day, daughter. In life-before-kids I was a marketer, these days I'm a budding amateur but would love to be professional photographer, a closet web junky and somewhat hippy, or at least more hippy than most of my friends, mum. I can talk forever (had you guessed?) but equally love my own company, especially since having my own little chatterbox. I'm overly particular and extremely easy going in the same breath, a disorganised, last minute list maker - a complex character?! I love sunsets, good food and I never have nothing to do.

So that's me. Thanks for reading (if anybody has). I do hope you'll come back and join me on this journey.

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